Lesbian traveler Meg Cale speaks about her trips, wedding and overcoming travel bans

Meg aka Dopes On The Road is a travel blogger and social media activist. She is 29 years old. She was born in sunny California but spent most time in NYC. She had been to 37 countries and 4 continents - Europe, Asia and both Americas. But her dream is Africa - Kenya and South Africa especially. Being asked about the favourite country she responds without a doubt - Thailand. Because here it's where nice and friendly people admirable views are combined. But there haven't been any bad trips in her life because wherever she goes it brings her joy. Being asked about the most romantic trip, Meg tells about her Ecuadorian wedding: " That was pretty romantic. We spent five days in Banos hiking, climbing and exploring before we went to My Sacha Ji Wellness Resort and had the most intimate and beautiful three days of peaced out bliss. At our six month wedding anniversary we hosted a small brunch reception with out closest friends and family members so they could feel included as well.". As a lesbian she was often laughed at and forced to feel awkward, but she was not seriously abused or humiliated, just because she is a white tourist. She goes wherever she wants even without figuring out whether homosexuality is legal or not. It is better to limit yourself in expressing your intimate feelings than in exploring the world, Meg believes. But not everybody can do this, and as for locals who identify as LGBT in countries where it is illegal, their life is full of struggles they do not deserve. That is why bans are a bad thing.