Northern Ireland held its first ever Trans Pride in Belfast

According to IGLA, Northern Ireland remains to be the worst place for LGBT people in United Kingdom. Despite the fact that more than 65% of citizens support marriage equality, the legislation is still an elusive goal for LGBT people in the area. There were five whole attempts to introduce same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, but all of them have failed due to the anti-LGBT position of the Democratic Unionist Party.

Nevertheless, LGBT activists and organizations don’t give up in their attempts to popularize LGBT community and to achieve equal rights for them. Recently, it became known that Belfast city hosted country’s first ever Trans Pride. The inaugural celebration took place in city’s Writer’s Square on June 2, 2018. Hundreds of people attended the event. Trans Pride united people of different identities, genders, ages, religions, cultures and political views. Parade-goers also came from different backgrounds, but they all had a joint motivation – to demand gender equality for all trans people and to celebrate gender diversity and the achievements of all trans people in Northern Ireland. Among the attendants were such activist organizations as Gender Essence, NonBinary NI, NonBinary Ireland, GenderJam and SAIL NI. Besides them, feminist groups and organizations, like DV & SV Helpline and Belfast Feminist Network were also participating in the event. Surprisingly, representatives of such political parties as UUP, Alliance Party., Green Party and Sinn Féin felt in their duty to be present at the inaugural celebration.

The event was organized by Trans Pride NI – an organization that aims to promote rights of transgender, intersex, non-binary, gender-questioning and all other people in Northern Ireland. Representatives of Trans Pride NI have announced that they would continue to organize Trans Pride each year, making it even bigger and better, alongside with other inclusive events for transgender citizens of the country. Also on June 2, 2018, thousands of people once again marched through central Belfast to protest against the ban on same-sex marriage. A simultaneous march pushing for gay marriage in the country took place in Londonderry and was led by the city’s Lord Mayor Nuala McAllister.