A 12-year-old girl became an organizer of the first even Pride celebration in her native provincial town

Buffalo Grove, Illinois is most likely to see its first ever Pride celebration in June next year thanks to a 12-year-old Molly Pinta. The idea of bringing rainbow march to her native town came to the seventh-grader after she marched proudly with her mother during this year’s Aurora Pride Parade for the first time in her life. Molly received support from her family right after coming out to them, and the young girl makes no secret of her homosexuality in society neither. Molly has also founded a gay-straight supportive group at her middle school, which is called The Acceptance Club. It runs for more than a year, holds meetings once a week and contains more than a dozen members. According to Molly, idea of the club came to her after attending her uncle’s gay wedding.

Now, returning to the inaugural Buffalo Grove Pride, which is planned to held on June 2, 2019, it must be said that Molly Pinta has made an incredible work on bringing it to the town. At first, she contacted organizers of Aurora Pride Parade and asked them for help in creation of an inclusive event in Buffalo Grove. Members of Aurora Pride committee were deeply touched with the self-awareness of such a young girl and were really thrilled to be a part of her venture. Alongside with that Molly Pinta set up a fundraising campaign for the event on GoFundMe. It’s hard to believe, but the girl has already raised $6,500 for Buffalo Grove Pride during the first month and the estimated target is $30,000. Besides, the middle school student posted a video on Facebook asking family and friends to contribute to the cause. In a recorded video message, Molly said: “As a gay child, I would love to see a Pride celebration in my town. Growing up in the closet is hard, but saying that Buffalo Grove supports the gay community, it will make someone in the closet feel seen and accepted. We would like children, adults, elderly, everyone included.” At the end of her video, gay girl encouraged non-indifferent people to attend the rainbow celebration next year.