Melbourne Queer Games Festival encourages LGBTI gamers from all over the world to showcase at the event

Melbourne Queer Games Festival is an online festival that takes place in Melbourne on October 22 – 23, 2018. It has been established by a small group of volunteers, who are fond of queer games. This queer-themed addition runs within the major Melbourne International Games Week. The target of the festival is to challenge and entertain local LGBTI players, as well as to bring the queer international gaming culture to Australian city. Participants of the event will be informed on the latest-released queer games and will have an opportunity to try own forces in the gaming battle with the leaders of the scoreboard.

Melbourne Queer Games Festival represents a game bundle, a live stream and a website. There will be even an awards program. According to the organizers of the event, the festival is focused more on queer games and queer developers and gamers are the second priority. Besides, participants of the event need not necessarily be solely queer, they have to be an ally and passionate about equality, even in their gaming routine. Luke Miller, one of the organizers of the festival, commented: “Gay characters appear in many games. To mention only a famous game The Last of Us Part II, which has a gay female leading character. Thus, most queer gamers don’t play exclusively queer games, often giving preference to regular games, such as Call of Duty or Mario Cart. But our festival is not only for queer gamers, it is for all the people, who are interested in queer games.” Miller has been doing a “Gayest Games Of The Year” list over the last few years and he really looks forward to the festival. Approximately twenty queer games are expected to be showcased at the Melbourne Queer Games Festival this year. Luke Miller has also revealed that he is now working on the development of the new queer game, called The Beat, which has been inspired by the Sydney gay scene of the 70s. The game will feature the detective, who is solving a murder in the gay community and has to infiltrate it by exploring gay bars and clubs. Approximately twenty queer games are expected to be showcased at the Melbourne Queer Games Festival. The game is scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2019.