LGBT-friendly destinations for the fans of winter sports

Geneva is a gay-friendly city with a number of gay bars and other interesting venues, but this city is also a must-visit for those who enjoy winter sports in general and skiing in part, because the experienced skiers know that  Swiss Alps have probably the best infrastructure and the widest range of opportunities for skiers. The advantage of Geneva is its good transport system which makes it easier to get from there to a number of touristic spots of Switzerland, in part ski resorts, such as Praz de Lys, La Clusaz, Le Grand Bornand and many others.

Salzburg is a perfect destination right now, because Christmas markets are already opened, and this Austrian city has its special magical atmosphere, everybody deserves to be a part of it. The fans of classical music probably know that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born there, so if you are a fan of an active rest (we have already mentioned that Alps are perfect for skiing. Austrian Alps are not worse than Swiss Alps, just a bit cheaper) and your partner prefers history and museums (or vice versa), Salzburg is perfect for your common vacation – each of you will find what he likes. Pitztaler Glitscher, Ischgl and Goldegg are just three local ski areas. Furthermore, Salzburg straddles Austria’s border, so you could use it as a base for skiing in numerous other countries. Salt Lake City is for those winter sport fans who are already tired of Europe. Yes, the USA also has something to offer the active tourists. The largest city in Utah, and host of the 2002 Winter Olympics, offers close proximity to 14 ski resorts. Alta, 25 miles away, gets the heaviest snowfall in the state. Vancouver is also a place for those who prefer to explore North America and who knows the history of the Olympic Games.  The city might not seem very snowy, but it’s sprinkled over the next-door Grouse Mountain (1,231m). Head here with or without skis for the best views of the city!