The best gay bars of Vienna

It has been announced that the EuroPride 2019 is to take place in the capital of Austria, marking that fact that this country has recently voted in favor of equal marriages. But this city has a longtime reputation of an LGBT-friendly travel spot and has a diverse gay nightlife. So if you are an active tourist who likes to spend sleepless nights dancing and having fun meeting the new people, here is a list of venues you definitely should visit.

Cafe Savoy may seem a traditional coffeehouse from the XIX century, but don’t trust your first impression – in a daylight it is a quiet  place to drink a cup of coffee and to explore the life in Vienna the way it used to be 200 years ago, but it is much more modern and progressive when it comes to gay visitors – it is designed by a gay architect, and its current owners remember it. Guests can expect sophistication and fun in equal measure, offering up coffee or cocktails in an achingly beautiful interior. It also boasts two of the biggest mirrors in Europe, with the only larger ones in the Palace of Versailles.

Marea Alta was founded as a place for lesbian migrants to feel safe and its main goal was to promote lesbian visibility. Queer women are still the main audience of the bar, but it is not only for migrants anymore and the public is mixed there. The main advantage of it is that it stays open until the early morning, so you can have fun there all night long.

Kaiserbründl is a gay sauna with an ancient entourage in a 120-year-old building, the oldest in the city without being totally reconstructed. Sounds impressive? Yes, and looks absolutely gorgeous!  The interiors are a stunning Roman design, and incorporate a dry sauna, bio-sauna, steam room and gym.

Felixx Bar is a modern, even futuristic venue, in comparison to most locations of Vienna. The main colors of it are red and black – it has a romantic a passionate atmosphere, so if you go to Vienna with your significant other or in search of one, this bar is must-visit. When you’re not soaking up the moody ambiance till the early hours of the morning, you can sit outside in their cute garden area.

Eagle Bar (pictured) is one of the oldest gay venues with an atmosphere that could be described as kind  of ,dirty,’ as well as in Felixx, but with its own, special charm. If you are travelling alone and you don’t mind to have a pleasant romantic interaction with a handsome tourist, then go there.

Kisss bar is considered to be one of the most gay-friendly venues of the Austrian capital, so the top gay events of Vienna are taking place there. With a fun, laid-back interior and staff as nice as the clientele, people end up coming back to this bar again and again.