Emirates airlines accused of censoring LGBT-themed movies on board

Airline company Emirates, which is among 5 the largest in the world, has been accused of removing same-sex kisses from films and TV shows which are showing to the passengers on board. Among the content that has allegedly been censored is hit TV show Killing Eve and Oscar nominated film Ladybird, which stars Saoirse Ronan, according to the Evening Standard. In both cases same-sex kisses were censored. A scene in Ladybird, in which Saoirse Ronan’s character discovers her boyfriend kissing another boy and a lesbian kiss in Killing Eye were both removed, according to the passengers. But the representative of the airline told Evening Standard that they have not removed any scenes from films or TV shows on board as they have no opportunity to edit them anyhow. “Emirates acquires mostly theatrical unedited versions of content, but as a family friendly airline serving an international audience, where there is excessive violence, sex, nudity or language, we opt to license the edited versions created by the studios/distributors,” the spokesperson added. Meanwhile, in 2017, Emirates said that they are a “multicultural global company” which condemns discrimination in any shape, including homophobia, biphobia and transphobia