Tourism chief in Jamaica welcomes queer tourists though it is illegal to be gay there

During a press conference at Caribbean Travel Marketplace in Montego Bay on February 4th the Jamaican tourism chief Donovan White assured that even though it is forbidden for Jamaican men to have sex with each other, this law is not spreading on foreign tourists visiting this Caribbean island as the society of Jamaica is not prejudiced and LGBT tourists are not treated with hostility. Whoever tourists are, the task of Jamaican tourism industry is to create positive impressions and positive experience from their journeys, they are supposed to leave Jamaica after their vacation and think that it is a great country they want to come back to. “We don’t ask at the airport who you are and what you do. We expect that you will be here, and like everybody else, have a great vacation, and we want to ensure that we provide you with that vacation. And so, from that perspective, there is absolutely no attempt or obstruction or program that is aimed at or intended to cause any uneasiness for anybody who comes to Jamaica,” White concluded.