Gay activist from Bahamas tells the potential tourists that at least the capital is safe

As we have previously reported, the international travel experts have issued a statement in which they warned queer tourists not to visit Bahamas as this country is known to be very homophobic. But the Bahamian activist Alexus D’Marco ensured that the country’s capital Nassau welcomes LGBT tourists and it is a very gay-friendly city in general. Some of the tourists we spoke to they said they felt comfortable,’ D’Marco told local newspaper, Tribune242, ‘They saw the police and they felt better when they saw us, people who they could identify with greeting them. So there was a better sense of security.’ He added that the capital could be an inspiration for the whole country in tackling homophobia, but only if tourism in general and LGBT tourism in part exists and develops there, as tourism is a key branch of the Bahamian economy. ‘If we understand the effects of tourism and what we have to offer such as hospitality, sun, sand and sea, we’re competing on a whole different market. Other countries offer sun, sand and sea and so our product has to be a little different,’ she added, ‘So if we can keep that up with all tourists and get away from being this country that don’t allow LGBT tourists, we are creating a shift in perception.’