British airlines joined their American colleagues in supporting non-binary passengers

As we reported, several American airline companies introduced the new non-binary options, such as gender-neutral title Mx. as an alternative to Mr., Mrs., Miss and Ms. It was done for the information in the tickets to correspond with the gender in IDs, as many countries and territories approve the IDs with the gender-neutral X marker. And now British companies that provide plane flights decided to introduce similar options as well. British Airways has joined other major airlines and will introduce a non-binary gender option for passengers. When booking a flight, those not identifying as either male or female will find a more appropriate gender option to select, as self-identity should never be an obsta0cle for passengers to feel comfortable during the flight, as a spokesperson from British Airways ensured. “It’s a big move”, Julia Ehrt, of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, “Persons presenting as gender non-conforming or trans persons who might not have been able to change their name or gender markers in passports regularly have serious challenges in traveling. That can range from being challenged about your gender marker or first name upon check-in or at security, through to outright denial of being able to board a plane.”