The Ministry of tourism in Malaysia vows not to ban queer tourists

The tourism minister of Malaysia has made a statement last week in which he made it clear that even though he did not believe there could be LGBT citizens in Malaysia, it is not a reason for the country to close its doors for LGBT people that come there as tourists. Let us add on our own behalf that there probably are LGBT Malaysians, but the officials prefer not to notice them because the country lives by the Muslim laws that disapprove homosexuality. It is illegal to be gay there and people can spend up to 20 years in prison for having gay sex in this country. But in spite of this, the minister insists that it is not a reason for the tourism industry to face financial losses. “As a main tourism destination in Asia, Malaysia has never and will not do anything to stop our guests based on their sexual orientation, religion and cultural belief,” the minister said. He also noted that if LGBT tourists come to Malaysia then they should obey the laws and respect the culture – avoid kissing or expressing their same-sex attraction in public places, especially religious ones, like mosques.