Youtuber Melanie Murphy on why queer women should not travel alone

The bisexual videoblogger opened up about harassment she faced traveling to Venice, Italy with her sister. Like all tourists, they wanted to ride a gondola – a boat used to move across the city that has channels instead of roads. After the journey, the driver allegedly led the pair down an alley where two people stood waiting. After that, her instincts kicked in and they ran away, but the men were screaming, shouting, singing and begging them not to go, promising to buy them food and drinks if they agreed to have a night out, and they did not hear their words about not being interested, the men were rudely pushing and pressing, making Murphy feel very uncomfortable. She is not that woman who can easily tell men to leave her alone, she survived a sexual assault when she was 17 and since then she is speechless when it comes to contacting men, fear makes her freeze. And these men, many of whom had families, put her in such a creepy situation. She understands that Italians have a passionate temper, but she thinks that it is not an excuse. Women who travel without men to protect them, and queer women in same-sex relationships belong to this category, should know how to resist and to protect themselves if they risk going to this country, which is very beautiful and worth being explored.