European gay nude beaches guide

Es Cavallet Beach – Ibiza, Spain. It is not specifically a nude beach, but clothes are optional and most attendees don’t wear it. It is not for gay people only, but they count a majority of people you will find there, it may be clear from the name of the local beach restaurant - Chiringay.
Lecciona beach, Tuscany, Italy. It is a clothing-optional private sandy area for gay people (nobody checks your sexuality, of course, but most people here are gay), and the main advantage of it that it is completely free – tourist don’t pay for entrance and bring all the items they consider necessary with them instead of buying.

Elia Beach, Mykonos, Greece. It is a relaxing area, and away from the gay nude spot it also has a restaurant and sport facilities.

Mar Bella, Barcelona, Spain. It has a reputation of a spot for queer youth, but as is popularity grows, it is now completely gender- and age-diverse.

Lokrum, Dubrovnik, Croatia, It is quiet and private, so those who want tob undress but feel a little bit ashamed of doing so in public, can set themselves free and enjoy the warm water and the beautiful views of this place.

Studland Beach, Bournemouth, England. It is equally popular among tourists and locals. It is one of the most famous nudist area in the UK. The public here is diverse, but it is 100% gay-friendly.

Beach 19 (Praia de Bela Vista), Lisbon, Portugal is one o0f the biggest gay beaches in the whole Europe and one of the most famous nudist areas. It is a part of the Nature Reserve.