The best cities to find love

Even though love cannot be statistically measured and people cannot calculate where they are going to find their soulmates, there is a study conducted by relocation experts Movinga. They asked citizens of different cities whether they think it is easy to find love in their hometowns. So the highest scoring cities are those that not only have an environment where LGBTI people specifically can find love, but give them safety and protection, even from the legal point of view on the state level. The poll asked 6000 people in 100 of the most LGBTI-friendly cities. Perhaps surprisingly, San Francisco in California only came in at 11. Chicago, another queer city in the US, arrived in 15th – with New York City beating them all at third. However, Spain is a country where people are the most likely to fall in love, as two first places in the rating are taken by the Spanish cities – Madrid is #2 and Barcelona is #1. Finn Age Hansel, Managing Director at Movinga, told GSN that the research is going to help not only tourists (and especially LGBT+ tourists, because all the cities are LGBT-friendly), but anyone who wants to find love and romantics.