Northampton successfully held its second annual Pride

Hailed as a huge success by its organizers, Northampton’s second Pride’s main event took place Market Square on May 18th, even though it was very rainy. Rain was not a reason for the marchants to stop and many of them considered it very symbolic because rain is required to create a rainbow, a symbol of Pride. So that day even the nature supported the town citizens, who flooded the streets with rainbows. Alongside the main event, the day also consisted of a Pride park-run at the local racecourse and fashion show in the nearby Grosvenor shopping center. One of the organizers, Councilor Anna King from Northampton Borough Council, told Gay Star News that the LGBT community of her town needs more visibility to attract more and more people to the Pride from year to year, but the second event was already amazing and or the queer part of Northampton it was a great victory to hold it successfully. Speaking to the BBC, attendee Samuel Shoesmith said the Pride event had brought a ‘real buzz’ to the city, and had brought everyone closer together. ‘The town was so busy, there were so many people walking around draped in the rainbow flags,’ he said. Last year’s Pride event featured a video link up with Northampton in the US state of Massachusetts, as both cities were celebrating their Pride events on the same day.