Having fun at the Tenerife Carnival

The biggest of the Spanish Canary Islands has hosted carnival in its capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The tourists repeatedly called Santa Cruz the European twin of Rio, and Rio would not be Rio without its legendary carnival, so Santa Cruz definitely needed their own to show that it is not worse than its Brazilian ‘relative’. The carnival has been governmentally forbidden twice, as even though none of its three separated parades is officially stated as LGBT Pride Parade, it proclaims celebrating diversity in all its variations and its main idea is no one should be ashamed of who they are, so LGBT people march there very often, and from the point of view of LGBT tourism Tenerife is even better than Rio, because Brazil is now ruled by an anti-LGBT President, and in Tenerife you can express your queerness freely. Carnival is the social event of the year for the people of Tenerife, they spend an entire year preparing, making sure the parades are bigger and better, building spectacular floats and designing glorious sparkling dresses for the Carnival queens, the crowning ceremonies for which is a separated must-see show. It is usually held in February or March, but we report about it now because due to high touristic demand it gets harder and harder to get there. When it comes to being LGBTI in Tenerife, the scene isn’t huge if to compare with capital cities, but if you seek some coziness and friendliness, you will find it out there.