Belfast Pride and why to go there

This year’s Belfast Pride, the biggest in Northern Ireland, will run from 26 July to 4 August. The annual parade will take to the streets on Saturday 3 August, and it is only one of 135 festive events to take part in during the 10-day celebration and protest. Yes, protest, because many of people in progressive (from the point of view of LGBT rights) countries have forgotten that LGBT Prides were invented to show the opposition against the injustice and intolerance towards the queer community. But Northern Ireland, which is the only part of the UK where same-sex marriages are still not legal, still has something to fight for. And LGBT tourists and allies who will come to the Belfast Pride are not just tourists, they are campaigners, supporters, fighters for justice and equality the country needs so much. Last year 55,000 people heard our call asking people to “Come Out for Change” and we want to exceed that number this year with the biggest festival and parade ever. Come visit Belfast and be part of the change,’ Parade Manager Gerard McAtamney said, expressing hope to attract more people this year.