Experienced traveler gives advice on how to travel when you are anxious and alone

Dan Beeson is a travel enthusiast, who is especially prejudiced to Asia. He is single, so in most cases there is nobody to accompany him on the road. And what makes it even more difficult, he lives with anxiety. But he still does not let it stop him from exploring the world, and he wants to teach solo travelers with anxiety on how to travel right. He recommends to plan the route beforehand, not to get lost in the new city. If it is possible, it will be great to find a guide who will lead you and won’t let you feel alone. Second of all, do the Internet-research on which places to visit, where too stay for a night, where to eat and so on. Thirdly, work on your confidence in exploring something new and communicating with new people, work on your social skills and independency when you are still at home. Treat a trip as an opportunity to explore not only the world around, but yourself, realize that you are not torn out of your home, because you are responsible for the feeling of home inside you. Don’t ‘go out of the comfort zone’, but extend your comfort zone.