Gay hostel survival tips

If you are queer and you want to find a cheap place to stay for a night while traveling, hostel is a good variant, but you need to be especially attentive, because not all hostels are LGBT-friendly, let alone that not all people in them are, so it is necessary to feel the ground – before staying in some jostle, find some information about it on the Internet and read feedbacks from other tourists if possible. If there were complaints over discrimination or violence, nobody is going to guarantee you that it won’t repeat. Single dorms are more expensive, but if you are concerned about your safety, it is better to pay for it than to spoil your trip with a feeling of fear and anxiety. ‘Gay villages’ in big cities (like Manchester, Toronto, etc.) also have hostels, and they are, of course, gay-friendly, but they are not among the cheapest ones. If you are not sure whether you are in a gay0friendy hostel or not, avoid talking about sex and relationship issues with strangers. It does not always mean going back in closet, but if you don’t know how they might react, it is better not to risk. It would be enough to say ‘I have a partner/spouse’ if you have one, and if people ask something like ‘What is her name?’ (be ready that they would automatically conclude that you are straight) it is okay to say that you prefer to keep your private life private, nobody is supposed to reveal the name of their partner to strangers, especially if you are somewhere where being gay is illegal or highly socially disapproved. But if the country you go to has anti-discrimination laws that mention the issue of sexuality, being out may protect you if something happens. Contacting locals don’t tell them where you are staying – give a general response, like a city district, and that’s enough. If you hook up with someone while traveling (it is better not to anyway, but passion may be very unpredictable), think about protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (as an access to healthcare services in some countries might be problematic) and the risk of being outed by your new lover. But regardless of everything we mentioned above, never let fear stop you from connecting and exploring. This is why people travel, isn’t it?