Reasons to explore gay life in Gothenburg

The second largest Swedish city’s social climate is completely defined by the annual Pride celebration – West Pride. A significant proportion – some 60% – of the city’s residents, both LGBT+ and straight agree that the impact of the Pride on the social environment of the city is positive. 1 in 4 Swedish who do NOT identify as LGBTQ+ came to Pride as allies. Homosexuality was decriminalized back in 1944, which is decades earlier than in the majority of European countries. Same-sex marriages in Sweden were legalized in 2009. Gothenburg has been named and nominated as among Europe’s top LGBT+ destinations and for those with a penchant for partying, there are plenty of queer clubs, bars and events across the city. The city is full of LGBT-friendly accommodations which expose rainbow flags not only during Pride but 365 days per year. Try the imposing Clarion Hotel Post set in the city’s old post office; or the luxurious boutique Hotel Pigalle a surefire hit for fashionistas; or the city’s oldest and most historic, Hotel Royal for a taste of the city’s past. For the food enthusiasts – there are 6 (!) Michelin awarded restaurants, which is impressive if to consider that the city is relatively small. But if you are too poor for them, don’t worry – from cafes to food trucks, there are so many places with completely different price policies, so nobody would leave this city hungry. If you are that kind of traveler who is obsessed with exploring culture, Gothenburg has a lot of offers for you too – from full-on festivals, to independent cinemas, to more specialist subjects like architecture and music from the Indian subcontinent. There is another type of tourists – shoppers. If you are that one, don’t think you might be bored in this Swedish city, shopping trip down Magasinsgatan is your way to spend holidays. According to the legend, this is where the hipster culture came from. But not only modern fashion clothes are available for shopping fans here. Vintage furnishings and music on vinyl will please those who are fascinated by the retro style.