The house of the first modern lesbian became a touristic destination thanking to HBO TV series

Halifax, West Yorkshire, is a small English town with actually nothing significant, as most people might say. But this town is a hometown for some incredible people who have changed the history of the UK and the whole world. One of these people was Anne Lister, known to be the first modern lesbian. Many of people would not have even known about this woman and her life without the HBO series Gentleman Jack. This show attracted many American tourists to this small town. Lister was one of the pioneers of LGBT rights movement. To be more specific, LGBT rights movement did not exist during the pre-Victorian era when she lived, but this woman not only was not afraid or ashamed of her lesbian relationships, she documented them in details in her journals. Shibden Hall, a house where she lived in Halifax, was a place for her to come back no matter how far and for how long she was gone (and she was an enthusiastic traveler). It has always been available for tourists, but now, due to the rising demand, it changed its opening hours. It looks exactly the same as when she lived there, its Tudor frontage is kept. From now on it will be opening its doors for tourists on Fridays. The council is also considering to open the hall during winter. Moreover, nearby Bankfield Museum, which has a display of outfits and accessories from the show, is also in the process of extending its opening hours.