Chicago-based LGBT tour operator cancels tour to Ethiopia

Toto Tours is a tour operator focused on LGBT traveling. It had to change plans about the 16-day package tour to Ethiopia as they are seriously bothered about the safety of their clients after receiving death threats from the Ethiopian Christian groups. Homosexuality is disapproved by 97% of Ethiopians according to the survey. And it is illegal to be gay in this country. So the owner of the tour company Dan Ware decided it would be better to cancel the tour to this African country. ‘We had descriptions of buried alive, burned alive; I had an ISIS-type video with a guy with a mask on his head, brandishing his sword saying we are going to cut your throat. It was not something to ignore,’ he told NBC Chicago. The Ethiopian embassy confirmed that it is unsafe to go there as sexuality is not mentioned among the issues not to be discriminated against by in the country’s penal code and there are no openly LGBT Ethiopians, they live in closet due to social stigma. The company website still has trips planned to Botswana, Bhutan, and Egypt, where homosexuality is also criminalized