The most popular travel destinations from the point of view of hotels

The amount of Internet searches containing the key words ‘gay’ and ‘resort’ at once has reached the point of one million in 2018. It clearly says that LGBT-friendly accommodations are not enough for the modern gay travelers and they are seeking something gay-only. The majority of searchers (almost 45%) are Americans, so the USA is considered the most valuable gay travel market. The EU countries (France, Germany, Italy) also show thriving interest to gay accommodations. So, the most popular travel destination from this point of view is the American state of Florida, especially Palm Springs, if to believe the research conducted by the LGBT travel platform Travel By Interest. The European leaders of this rating are Berlin, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris and the Greek island of Mykonos. You may think that it means that gay tourists prefer not to go abroad for holidays because the most searching countries and the most searched destinations coincide. But it is only partly true, gay tourists are not afraid of exploring Asia, especially Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia (Bali is the most preferred Asian destination, though it is not the safest for gay people, mildly speaking).