Cruise. What should you know about this kind of traveling?

If you want to try cruising for the first time in your life, then the first task for you is to explore the ship – how big it is, where your room is and what facilities are included. If you have a plan of attending some particular facilities, it will be better to know beforehand where they are located not to get lost. Tables at the restaurants, if you want to visit some, are also better to book in advance, as well as drink packages (but remember that having more than a couple of light cocktails while you are in the middle of a sea or an ocean is not a good idea ) and organized excursions. Surf for the possible options online. Certain cruises can also have special mobile apps. Arrive beforehand to look at the ship before you sail. Don’t take too much baggage with you, sunscreen cream and swim trunks should be in a hand baggage for you to be able to enjoy having a rest before your main baggage arrives. Experienced travelers know that it may be delayed. Dressing up tips: have at least one long-sleeved shirt. Firstly, because it may be cold in the evening. And secondly, because if you go to the restaurant, T-shirts are inappropriate. Wash your hands regularly, stay hydrated and eat healthy food, because cruise is a stress for your organism, it undermines your immune system, so you need to care about your health more than usually. Don’t reject entertaining programs, classes and parties, even if they don’t seem interesting for you at first sight. You did not come here to lie n bed, did you?