British holiday firm boss makes it clear homophobia is not allowed

The UK travel company Hoseasons has issued a statement telling their potential clients that they are going to be denied in service if they are prejudiced against racial and sexual minorities and it is clear from their orders – like some people would prefer to go somewhere where there are no black people, others reject certain destinations because Pride marches are held there. And one thing is when it is said politely (though it is still not right), but rude verbal violence against marginalized social groups needs to be not only vocally condemned but tackled with exact actions. One of the CEOs of the parenting company of this firm has clarified that the brand needs a position, and this position is anti-discriminatory. There are many other firms that would regard the order from clients with specific prejudice, but it is not something Hoseasons wants to be associated with. Simon Altham, chief portfolio officer at Awaze UK, is gay himself, but he had never let his sexuality influence is work up until he met homeless queer people. They helped him to realize that he as a gay businessman can not only be a role model on how to be gay and successful, but also a driving force of positive changes in his community.