Canada as a honeymoon destination

Latin America Travel Company issued a report that strongly recommends same-sex newlyweds to regard Canada as a honeymoon spot, as they believe the North American country to be perfect for it. The company’s ranking system measured various factors, such as ‘marriage equality, LGBT travel recognition, honeymoon popularity and romantic setting’. And Canada is the only country to be scored relatively equally high in every category, so it was put number 1 in the general rating. Canada was the first country outside Europe and the fourth in general to make it legal for same-sex couples to marry. The expert also took the natural beauty of this country and its overall honeymoon appeals into consideration. The rating was checked and reconsidered on the basis of numerous studies and researches to show that Canada is a perfect variant for LGBT honeymoon. Following on from Canada were New Zealand and Australia at numbers two and three, respectively. The other countries listed from numbers four to ten were: Switzerland, Ireland, France, Greece, Finland, the USA, and Italy. The reports also highlighted the significance of Argentina making the top 20, but it is the only Latin American country to reach so high because the situation with LGBT rights in this region is far from perfect