The best destinations for LGBT tourists over 50 Part II

Japanese capital Tokyo is a must-visit for those queer tourists who want to discover Asia but are afraid of the gay-unfriendliness of this continent. Tokyo is very accepting and LGBT tourists definitely won’t get bored there. Two top things to do in Japan are to try their food and to visit a public bath. As for food, there is Shinjuku’s Ni-Chōme, a gay district known for the plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes of different kinds. As for public baths, gay saunas are always available. There’s gay-specific saunas like 24 Kaikan Shinjuku, which boasts a mix of foreign travelers and locals. Saya-No-Yudokoro is a more traditional, mixed space perfect for families.

Africa is another continent gay people have a reason to avoid. But even in Africa there are some spots that are perfect for the mature LGBT travelers. One of these places is Cape Verde. Let us make it clear that PDA of a man to another man or of a woman to another woman is not something that is common for that area, so people might look at you with shock. But nobody is going to abuse or hurt you for being gay, especially if you are in a big city, because big cities tend to be more LGBT-friendly than rural areas. There is no specific gay district and no hotel will put up a sign that they are gay-friendly, but there is no place you might be turned awar from because of your sexuality. Cape Verde is known for live music everywhere – in bars and restaurants and ju8st on the street. If you want, you can buy a CD with a local live music to bring home a part of a local atmosphere. you can also relax at the beautiful Laginha beach, as well as snorkle or scuba dive in their remarkably clear waters.