It has NEVER been a crime – top countries to visit, where homosexuality has always been legal

Taiwan is the first country in Asia to officially recognize marriage equality. Moreover, this country holds the biggest Pride Parade of the continent, so if you are a queer tourist who wants to start exploring Asia, this is a good variant. The gay nightlife of Taiwan is accumulated in the Red House entertainment complex in Taipei. It’s home to more than 25 different gay bars, shops and restaurants, as well as many outdoor terraces. THE Garden and its basement bar, THE Secret Garden are trendy, reasonably priced, and good fun. For something a bit hotter under the collar, Commander D is a fetish and BDSM bar with space for cruising.

South Korea is socially not one of the queer-friendly countries, but it has never legally forbade civil people (for militants the law is different) to love whomever they want. And the local popular music (the sub-genre known as K-pop) grows in popularity and also becomes more and more inclusive and queer-oriented. The capital’s Itaewon area is known among the locals as Homo Hill because of its numerous gay bars .Numerous as for Korea, but if to compare to Europe, gay scene is on the very first stage of development there. You can’t visit South Korea without eating food. Gwangjang Market is the capital’s biggest food alley. There’s around 200 food stalls, as well as kimchi and seafood-vendors.

Aruba is a Caribbean territory where you cannot find a plenty of gay bars or drag performers. But it has never had a prejudice towards the rainbow community and tourists are still able to find something to explore there. It is famous by its beaches (Eagle Beach is the most famous one) and its carnival, which is held annually in late January- early February.