It has NEVER been a crime – top countries to visit, where homosexuality has always been legal. Part II

Tourists might have never considered Cambodia an LGBT-friendly country because its LGBT rights record is poor – same-sex couples are not allowed to adopt and homophobia is not specifically mentioned in the anti-discrimination law. But actually homosexuality itself has never been forbidden in that country. Cambodian gay scene is thriving, but this country took a good role model – Thailand, so many places are quite similar to Thai gay bars. One such place is Heaven and Dream Boys in Siem Reap. If you are in Battambang, Woodhouse is a restaurant and bar owned by a Cambodian-French couple. But keep in mind that Cambodia is known more for its temples than for its nightlife, so it is perfect for those tourists who prefer to explore the religious and cultural heritage.

If you ask Vietnamese people whether their country is LGBT-friendly, they are likely to say ‘no’, because homosexuality iis a taboo when it comes to locals. However, it is not legally forbidden and the attitude to queer tourists is different. There are not so many gay-specific bars, but as for gay-friendly ones, they are in every big city. Woop Woop in Hoi An is gay-owned and gay-friendly. The garden is also a big draw. Of course, Saigon is the main stop, boasting fun bars like Thi Bar and club Republic. But as well as in Cambodia, Vietnamese main touristic attractions have nothing to do with nightlife. Halong Bay is made of 1600 limestone towers, with boats cruising through them at all hours. It’s huge and beautiful. Speaking of size, Hang Son Doong is the largest cave in the world and found in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Whatever Rodrigo Duterte might say about gay people in his interviews, the law of Philippines recognizes them. This country still has issues with legal recognition of the transgender people, but its LGB culture is wider and richer than you might have thought. O Bar Manila is a staple of their LGBTI scene, with live entertainment and a huge dance floor. F Club Manila is the main dance club, with live DJs, events and drag shows keeping the place alive. The longest-running gay bar in Cebu deserves a shout-out: Navigator. Come here for drag shows and male go-go dancers. Or you can really commit to the gay scene and join the Jungle Circuit party in Manila that is held annually in April. This country is great for nature lovers. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a protected, spectacular site. Located about 80km from Puerto Princesa city, the most amazing thing is the subterranean river.