Gay scene in Montreal

Montreal has the largest gay village in North America, so its gay scene is really impressing, so no need to count all the gay bars and clubs – walk there and see what you will like the most. Those who came to explore nightlife will not be disappointed. The most popular strip club to visit is Stock Bar in the gay village. Campus is another one, which is mixed, so also attracts hen parties. The fans of drag art have probably heard about the famous Montreal drag queen Mado Lamotte, who holds her own cabaret drag show in the city, so if you like drag, don’t miss the opportunity to attend it.

Those who prefer passive rest and self-care like spas and saunas will easily find what they are looking for in Montreal. The main gay saunas are GI Joe and Oasis. Bota Bota Spa, located in the old town (and to be more specific, on the ship), is one of the best spas in the whole Canada. It is not gay-specific, but absolutely gay-friendly and you can feel comfortable there.

The Museum of Fine Arts is a must-see for those travelers who like to explore culture. It’s huge, spread over several buildings and has extremely fascinating exhibitions like Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Love is Love. There are also loads of outdoor art exhibitions on display outside the museum, which also deserve being observed.