Must-see places in the USA

San Francisco is called a gay Mecca not only because of plenty of gay bars. It also gives you a chance to learn something about the history of the rainbow community.  For instance, there are GLBT History Museum and     New York City is a place where the modern LGBT rights movement was born.  It is, of course, the location of the Stonewall Inn and where the Stonewall Riots took place 50 years ago. 

Los Angeles is not only the city of celebrities, it is also a city of a rich gay culture. West Hollywood, or how locals call it, WeHo, is where the gay life of LA is concentrated, and it deserves a separated touristic guidance. 

Boystown Chicago – aka East Lakeview or Northalsted – is the largest gay area in the city and features events all year, including Northalsted Halloween Parade, the Northalsted Market Days and Chicago Pride Fest. 

Palm Springs is better to visit in autumn, because it holds its Pride in November. If you are a movie fan, then you should attend its annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in September. Although female queer tourists will find something to do there in spring as well - Dinah Shore events take place in March and April.