The most LGBT-friendly cities according to a new research

The Wellbeing Index was created by Fitbit and ranks the cities in order of their liveability based on 15 factors, including gender equality, safety and LGBT+ acceptance. Reykjavik was named number 1 in this list, and not only because of the picturesque waterfalls and lakes of Iceland and breathtaking views on its unique landscapes. Iceland is known for the full legal equality and great LGBT representation in the media, as well as the Netherlands. This country has 2 cities in the top 3, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The rest of the top 5 in the rating is fully occupied by Canada - Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver took third, fourth and fifth places respectively. The capital of Norway, Oslo, claims the seventh position, with Ireland’s capital Dublin ranking eighth. And two Belgian cities, Brussels and Ghent are closing the top 10. The major cities of the USA, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, surprisingly, were beyond the top 20. And London was all the way down at number 33, behind Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Glasgow.