Nigeria is the least safe for LGBT tourists

Nigeria was proven to be the most dangerous country for LGBT people to go. Norway is the safest, according to the brand new research by Asher & Lyric.  The experts of this travel website examined countries from  the point of view of LGBT rights, exploring such aspects as the legality of same-sex relations in each country, whether same-sex couples can adopt there, and what protections are in place for LGBT+ workers. As Nigeria forbade even to discuss LGBT, and gay sex is punishable by 14 years in prison and in some regions even by death, this African country is rated the lowest. Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Iran, Sudan, Barbados, Malaysia and Malawi rounded out the top 10 most dangerous countries for LGBT+ tourists to visit.  On the other side of the con, top 3 the safest countries for LGBT tourists to go according to the same research are Norway, Portugal and Belgium.