LGBTQ+ Danger Index ranks the 150 most-visited countries

As we previously reported, Nigeria is the most dangerous country for LGBT tourists to go, having the -142 rating of the LGBT safety, following the majority of African and South Asian countries. On the other side of the coin is Sweden with the rating of 322. Same-sex relationships are illegal in 38 of the countries on the list. In others, such as China, Russia and Indonesia, do not criminalize homosexuality, but it would still be dangerous for LGBT people to go there due to the strong social disapproval and high ratings of the homophobic crimes.   As for the countries with the positive rating, we noted that Canada, Norway, Belgium and the UK are in the top 5., Portugal also received a positive rating. Surprisingly, the USA is rated only 24th. The researchers explain that it may be because not all states have anti-discriminatory policies for LGBT folks and nay of them forbid to discussing LGBT issues at schools.