What happens in Vegas that you should go there immediately?

The capital of entertainment in the middle of the desert has been known for the plenty of casinos and Elvis impersonators, but it has much more to offer the tourists in general and the LGBT tourists in part. When you think of Las Vegas, the first things that come to mind are the dazzling lights of its world-famous Strip, especially in recent years— so many legends of music who have their long-term residencies in this city, including such gay icons as Lady Gaga and Cher, and they choose this place to perform. Of course, this city is very LGBT-friendly and has a number of specific LGBT-oriented venues. The city’s so-called Fruit Loop, a short taxi ride from the strip, is a cluster of bars and clubs including the 24-hour Piranha and the long-running Freezone, the place where queer women usually gather. In the daytime, it’s worth indulging in a spot of Drag Brunch at Senor Frog’s, which serves bottomless cocktails and the most famous Drag Race contestants every weekend.  More than 8,000 queer sports fans descend each January for Sin City Classic, the largest LGBT+ sporting event in the world. Founded in 2008 as a softball tournament, the Classic now counts 240 participating teams and 21 other sports including diving, golf, cheer and soccer. April is a month marking Clexacon, a fan convention focused on LGBT+ womanhood’s commitment in the industry of comics as well as in the entertaining industr  in general. In May, the trans community and their queer allies unite for the annual Sin City Soiree. Around the same time, Temptation Sundays–the city’s longest-running gay pool party–kicks off at Luxor, running on Sundays through until September.