Same-sex couple was made to prove they are married to get a train ticket

 A married lesbian couple from Ireland was denied a train ticket if they did not prove their marital status. Mary McNally and her wife Karen Underwood have been together more than two decades and in a civil partnership since 2012 and they converted it into marriage three years later, as soon as the Republic of Ireland made it legally possible via referendum. As a pensioner, McNally qualifies for free rail travel along with her wife. When buying tickets they “flabbergasted” when a member of the Irish Rail staff doubted they were married and asked them to prove it. Although, the company’s policy does not state that it is necessary to prove marital status of the passengers somehow in order to get the tickets. “If we were a husband and wife would we be scrutinized to the same extent?” Underwood asked. “It’s a knock on your self-esteem and your equality. We don’t carry proof of our marriage in our handbags. We were flabbergasted by what happened.” The incident was immediately highlighted in the Irish media, so the transport company immediately issued an official apology to the couple.